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One of the Most Historic Butcher Shops in Indiana: Beutler Meats

Located in Lafayette, IN, Beutler Meats carries on the spirit of a local and family-owned butcher shop, where every customer is treated like family.


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Learn Even More About Beutler Meats From Steve Himself

Butcher Shops in Indiana


There are many butcher shops in Indiana. From Indianapolis to Evansville to Fort Wayne and Lafayette, all across the state you’ll find big and small butcher shops rich in history and providing quality meats for their communities. You’ll also find that a lot of these businesses are family-owned and include multiple generations.


Use this resource to learn a little bit more about butcher shops in Indiana. We’ll provide different business names by location and provide some details on what they have to offer (based on what you’re looking for). You will learn about many Indiana meat processing locations (and butcher shops) all across the state, including a butcher shop in Newburgh, Indiana maybe you didn’t know about. First, let’s focus on the city of Indianapolis.


Whether you’re looking for meat delivery Indianapolis, wholesale meat Indianapolis, or meat market Indianapolis options, there are many choices available to you. Looking for an Indianapolis butcher shop near downtown? You're in luck. No matter the size of the butcher, Indianapolis has a wide range. Here are a few well known names:


  • Turchetti’s Meat Market

    • Owned and operated by George Turkette, this delightful butcher shop located in the heart of the Fountain Square neighborhood is also a small grocery store, bar, and restaurant.

  • Ideal Food Group

    • What was once Ideal Meat Company, this company has recently updated their name to Ideal Food Group to accommodate their growing number of products and services. They are focused on all types of food services and retail products, including meat, seafood, and deli.

  • Rahe’s Meats Menu

    • Rahe’s Meats is now permanently closed and was located at 1507 North Arlington Avenue.


  • Goose the Market

    • Their prime location of 2503 North Delaware Street is a cozy gourmet market that serves craft sandwiches and delicious cuts of meat. Plus, there’s a wine bar downstairs!


  • Claus Meat Market

    • A German meat shop Indianapolis residents love, Claus Meats has a nice selection of sausages and snacks. They have very friendly staff and their shop is located just south of Fountain Square.

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Butcher Shop Indianapolis

Indiana Butcher Shops

We’ll revisit the Indianapolis area in the sections below, but for now let’s highlight a few Indiana butcher shops not in Indianapolis. First up, one of the most iconic butcher shops in Evansville, Old Tyme Butcher Shop.


The official name is Old Fashioned Butcher Shoppe, and it’s located at 2130 Stringtown Road in Evansville. It’s a family-owned meat market known in the area for its quality cuts and exceptional customer service. They love their Evansville community and partner with several schools and sports organizations in the area for fundraising events. The Old Fashioned Butcher Shop menu includes deli meats, frozen foods, beef cuts, pork cuts, and poultry items like bone-in breasts, tenders, and light quarters. Old Fashioned Butcher Shoppe specials include seafood bundles. They offer salmon, scallops, frog legs, cod, grouper, snapper, shrimp, clams, and more. Check out their website for more information like Old Fashioned Butcher Shop hours.


Dewig Meats, located in Haubstadt, is family-owned and operated by third generation Dewig meat processors. Their impressive facility has 12,000 feet of retail, meat market, custom-cut orders, and processing areas. The shopping area is impressive, where you’ll find 18 self-serve cooler doors and 21 self-serve freezer doors, both loaded with plenty of quality products and options to choose from. They also offer event catering and meal catering services, in addition to carrying Primo Grills and Smokers for sale. They even offer beer and wine!


Moving north now, be sure to also check out Beutler Meat Processing if you’re ever in the Lafayette area. Started in 1953 by Bob Beutler, the business continues under the Beutler name today as Steve Beutler, Bob’s son, carries on the legacy with his wife, Barb. 68 years and counting, Beutler Meats has served the Lafayette area and surrounding communities with quality meats and superior service. They offer freezer beef, custom processing, and retail cuts. Their retail store includes a full walk-in cooler and several freezers with frozen meats, vegetables, fruits, and more.


Butcher Near Me


If you live near Indianapolis (especially on the north side), Joe’s Butcher Shop is an option that might show up in your “butcher near me” search. Also known as Joe’s Meat Market or Joe’s Butcher Shop and Fish Market, it was founded in 2006 by Joe and his wife Kathy. They offer homemade sausages, beef, veal, pork, lamb, and chicken, in addition to fresh and quality seafood. And don’t forget to check out their deli area with gourmet side dishes and Boar’s Head deli meats. Are you looking for butcher shop Fishers options or meat market Fishers options? Joe’s Butcher Shop is only 15 minutes away. Or maybe you’re on the other side of Carmel and you’re searching for Westfield butcher shop options? Joe’s Meat Market is only nine minutes away from Westfield! It’s conveniently located to serve all Indianapolis north siders.


Another great option on the north side of Indianapolis in Kincaid’s Meat Market. Their two locations, the butcher shop Illinois Street Indianapolis location at 5605 North Illinois Street, and the Kincaid’s Meat Market the Yard location in Fishers, both offer a great selection of products. If you’re looking for Kincaid’s Meat Market Broad Ripple hours, check their website for more information.. They opened their first location in 1921, where the family business was passed onto generations within the Kincaid family. Then the Dugdale’s bought it in 2015 and have led the business ever since. In terms of products and services, they offer beef cuts, pork cuts, veal, poultry and lamb. Check out their products page for a nice rundown of all of their products. Kincaid’s Meat Shop has built a solid reputation in Indianapolis during the 100 years they have been in business. It is a household name in the area and continues to serve all surrounding areas with great quality meat cuts.


Butcher Shops Near Me


Looking for something different besides regular beef or pork cuts? If you do a “elk butcher shops near me” search, you probably won’t find much in Indiana. An elk meat Indiana search may be different than an elk meat California search because of the location and proximity to where Elk is found. If you are in Indiana and you’re typing in “elk meat near me” or “where to buy elk meat near me” or “bulk elk meat for sale near me” searches, chances are you’ll be brought to a business that isn’t local. It will probably be an elk meat distributor or free range elk meat website that offers shipping. So although it might not be local, you can pick a reputable website that offers quality elk meat and have it delivered to your door. If that doesn’t help and you’re still trying “where can I buy elk meat” or “where can I buy elk meat near me” searches, we recommend trying Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co. or The Honest Bison.


In Odon, Indiana, you’ll find the answer to your “Amish butcher shop near me” search. Be sure to check out Odon Locker at 606 West Elnora Street. In Downing, Wisconsin, Shepherd Song Farm offers goat meat Indianapolis shipping options. They are not local to Indianapolis, but it may be your best option for goat meat if you do live around Indianapolis. As with elk, moose meat for sale near Indianapolis could be a challenge. We recommend checking out a few options from Alaska. Although shipping may become expensive, so watch out for that.


Meat Shop Near Me


Need another “meat shop near me” option in Indianapolis? Check out The Meat Shop of Indy. They offer beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and even wild game. For their wild game options, you’ll find buffalo, alligator, frog legs, and more. For their seafood, they flash freeze it immediately following harvest to ensure the freshest taste once eaten. The Meat Shop menu for seafood includes shrimp, bluefish, salmon, tilapia, cod, catfish, walleye, and more. The Meat Shop Indianapolis location is at 1221 South Highschool Road and their hours are as follows:


  • Monday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Tuesday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Wednesday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Thursday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Friday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Saturday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Sunday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


According to Google Reviews, The Meat Shoppe achieved a 4.3 star rating (out of 5 stars) based on 121 reviews. Their online store includes meat bundles, brats, summer sausage, hot dogs, ground beef, and pork. It also includes unique cuts of beef like stew meat and wild game options like ground turkey and ground bison. The Meat Market also now offers delivery service! Their delivery zone includes all of Marion County and it must be a minimum order of $75. Note: there is also a flat delivery rate of $20. Deliveries usually take three to five business days to fulfill.


Meat Markets Near Me


Here are a few final “meat markets near me” search options for Indianapolis residents. First up, Don’s Butcher Shop located at 8028 South Emerson Avenue in Indianapolis. It is fairly close to communities like Southport and Beech Grove. And for those looking for butcher shop Greenwood Indiana options, Don’s Butcher Shop is just a short drive away.


According to their Facebook page, Don’s Meat Market Indianapolis offers fresh beef, pork, and chicken. They state that they never freeze any of these products and only offer them fresh. They have a wide selection of retail meat options and take custom orders as well. Also on their Facebook page you’ll find two variety packers that they offer.


Beef Variety Pack - $87.50


  • Five pounds of ground chuck

  • Four cube steaks

  • Two sirloins

  • Three pounds of short ribs

  • Four pounds of chuck roast


Pork Variety Pack - $51


  • Five pounds of bacon

  • Five pounds of country style ribs

  • Two pounds of sausage

  • Three pounds of pork roast

  • Five pounds of pork chops


They kindly ask that customers call ahead 24 hours in advance to place these types of orders. For more details on any of their products or deals, their Facebook page is your best bet (rather than their website). They have an impressive 4.9 rating (out of 5 stars) based on 158 votes on Facebook.


Last but certainly now least is Moody’s Butcher Shop. They have three locations:


  • Moody’s Meats Zionsville

  • Moody’s Meats Avon

  • Moody’s Meats Fishers


They process all of their meats at their own location in Ladoga, Indiana. Their products include beef, pork, poultry, lamb, veal, and seafood. Started in 2000, Moody’s now has four stores (counting Moody Meats Ladoga) and over 40 employees. Moody Meat prices can be found on their website or by calling one of their locations.

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