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Beutler's Freezer Beef

Don't raise your own cattle? No problem. Beutler's offers a side (half) or quarter of beef available for purchase on a pre-order basis. Steve buys direct from a reputable group of local farmers and offers in-house grading to ensure superior quality (all beef grade Choice or higher). Call us today at (765) 742-7285 to reserve your order or scroll below for more information.


Why Freezer Beef from Beutler's?

Fill your freezer, save money, and enjoy higher quality beef.


Guarantee yourself a constant supply of quality beef, at the convenience of your own freezer.


Buying in bulk saves you money vs. constantly buying at the grocery store.


You're purchasing straight from the farm, so it's higher quality too!


Your beef is from local, family farms hand picked by Steve and graded in-house.

Freezer Beef Info

Pricing & Weight

All pricing is based on standard cutting instructions and includes cutting, wrapping with butcher paper, and blast freezing. Prices are determined by hanging weight on the carcass.

A side (half) of beef, on average, will weigh between 400-450 pounds and approximately cost between $1,650. - $1850

A quarter of beef (equal split of a half), on average, will weigh between 200-225 pounds and approximately cost between $950- $1100. We require a deposit of $800 on a side (half) of beef and a deposit of $500 on a quarter of beef (split half).

The number of cuts below are approximate weights and average thickness for a quarter of beef (double the quantity if ordering a half of beef):

  • Sirloin Steaks - 4 pc at 3/4'' thick

  • Ribeye Steaks - 5-7 pc at 3/4'' thick

  • T-Bones & Porterhouse - 4pc at 3/4" thick OR Fillets and New york Strip Steaks - 4pc ea. at 3/4" thick

  • Brisket - 1/2 pc at 3-4 pounds

  • Round Steaks - 4 pc at 1/2'' thick

  • Arm Roast - 1 pc at 3 pounds

  • Rump Roast - 1 pc at 3 pounds

  • Swiss Steak - 1 pc at 2 pounds

  • Chuck Roast - 5 pc at 3 pounds

  • Heel of Round Roast - 1 pc at 3 pounds

  • Sirloin Tip Roast - 1 pc at 3 pounds

  • Hamburger - approx. 30 pounds

  • Short Ribs - 3-4 packages


Note: there is a 30-35% trim loss from hanging weight to actual take-home weight.

* Cry Vac packaging is only available in a retail fresh meat case.


Questions? We're Here to Help!

Call us directly at (765) 742-7285 and we can assist.

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