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Custom Beef Processing

We offer whole beef, 1/2 beef, and 1/4 beef custom processing. If you have questions or this is your first time ordering with us, don't worry! Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff with a combined 100+ years of meat processing experience is here to help.  

All processed meat will be wrapped in butcher freezer paper and frozen after processing.


Give us a call at (765) 742-7285 or email your cutting instructions to


Our Custom Processing Services Include:

Safe and clean processing protocols under Indiana state inspection.


Quality yield grading and detailed reports upon request.


A dry age process of 12-14 days for Beef processing.


All cuts are double wrapped with a poly wrap and butcher paper, then frozen.


What Our Customers Say:


Beef Cutting Instructions

Beef Retail Cut Chart


After completing your cutting instructions, email them to or we can assist over the phone (765)-742-7285.

Quarter Beef Processing
Information to Know

When purchasing a quarter of beef there are a few pieces of information you need to know.  The two parties purchasing a half of beef (2 quarters) must agree on how the two quarters will be processed. This means each individual cut must be the same for each quarter in order for us to equally divide the half of beef into two quarters. For Example: One quarter can't be made in to all ground beef if the other quarter wishes to save roast and steaks. 


We have discontinued custom hog processing at this time do to the high volume demand for beef processing and the low demand for hog processing in the recent years.

Pork Cutting Instructions

Pork Retail Cut Chart

How Much Meat to Expect

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