How much meat to expect after processing?

On average the dressing percentage from live weight to hanging weight is 60% and the dry aging/trim loss percentage from hanging weight to take home weight is roughly 25-30% if saving the majority of the cuts.   If you grind the entire half/side of beef the percentage from hanging weight to take home weight will be roughly 40-50%.

How long does beef dry age?

Most beef will dry age for 10-14 days depending on the size and the amount of fat cover on the carcass.

Can I purchase a half of beef or hog if I don’t know a farmer or raise animals myself?

Yes, you may purchase a whole, half, or a quarter of beef as well as a whole or half of hog from us for custom processing.  Please call our office and we’ll assist you with your order and cutting instructions.  Steve purchases beef and hogs from local farmers all throughout the year.



What is the length of time for storing meat in your freezer?

On average we recommend you should use the meat in your freezer within one year of processing.  Cured products should be used within 3 months after processing.

How long does it take to process a hog and beef?

Beef typically hang for 10-14 days to dry age in the cooler and then will proceed to processing and packaging.  Hogs are harvested on Tuesdays, processed on Wednesdays, and the fresh meat is available for pick up on Thursdays, all cured products will take another week for processing and our staff will notify the customers once the cured products are available for pick up.

How will my meat be packaged?

All custom orders are double wrapped with a poly wrap then with a white butcher freezer paper. 


Do we offer meat bundles?

We do not offer “Meat Bundles” however we do offer sides and quarters of beef and whole and sides of hogs for purchase.  We have a retail store where all of our cuts are individually packaged and priced in both our freezer and fresh meat cooler. 

What size of freezer do I need for a half of beef?

A half or side of beef should fit into 8-10 cubic ft freezer.

What type of vehicle do I need to haul my meat home?

A half/side of beef will easily fit into a trunk of an average size sedan or in the rear of a SUV. 

Do I need to bring coolers or containers to haul my meat home?

Not necessarily; we’ll place all of your meat packages in cardboard boxes with handles for easy carrying from our freezer to your vehicle.  If you wish to bring your own containers or coolers please notify the office staff when giving your cutting information so you will not incur charges for the boxes on your processing invoice.